Boarding Prices

We have a purpose built bunkhouse for all of our outside boarders with very spacious hutches that are cleaned and sterilised ready for the arrival of your pet. The price includes the following:

  • Fresh straw bedding daily

  • Fresh forage hay daily

  • Fresh water daily

  • Good quality branded food 

  • Fresh greens and carrots

  • Treats (with owners permission and sparingly)

  • Toys

  • Daily exercise in the garden (weather permitting)

**Please Note** If your pet has any special dietary requirements please let us know and we can cater for their needs.

Before Booking 
Please take note of our Drop Off and Collection Times

Guinea Pigs 

Single Rabbit - £7-00 per day

Bonded Pair - £12-00 per day

Additional bonded rabbit - £6-00

Single Guinea Pig - £6-00 per day

Bonded Pair -  £10-00 per day

Additional Guinea Pig - £5-00 per day


**Note**Owners must provide their own cage

Single Hamster - £4-00 per day

Bonded Pair -  £6-00 per day

Each additional Hamster - £2-00 per day

Other Services and Treatment

Nail Clipping

You may have been told if your rabbit is exercised outside on a patio this will keep their nails down to a reasonable level? This is not the case.

Rabbits nails need trimming regularly if not clipped this will cause your bunny some discomfort. They have a vein running down their nail and what you may perceive as long nails may not be the case. Also if cut too short this will cause bleeding and infection so this procedure is best carried out by a trained person.

Here at BBC we can offer a nail clipping service please ask for advice when boarding your bunny if you think his/her nails need trimming


Cost of treatment  £6-00 


Your bunny loves being groomed. Often with a bonded pair you will see them grooming each other, but there is nothing like a good brush and a bit of pampering?

This is particularly good for them when the molting season is here and from experience some bunnies molt all year round.

Give your bunny a bit of a treat they love it!

The  grooming service at BBC which includes:

  • Nail Clipping

  • Coat trimming (if necessary to rid any knotted and matted fur)

  • Brush and massage

Cost of treatment  £20-00 per bunny